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How to Travel Safely

When I thought about launching Tabi Jet Sets, the thought of doing so during a global pandemic, never crossed my mind. But hey, it's an opportunity to help elevate travel beyond gift sets with some helpful tips and tricks to travel safely.

Stay up to date with the news to ensure you are traveling safely.

Dive deep in the news, the headlines of many articles do not tell the whole story, and there are a lot of restrictions out there when it comes to traveling right now. Don’t waste your hard-earned money, do the research ahead of time to ensure you are welcome to visit your destination. A few precautionary measures to look into to ensure you are traveling safely for yourself and others are:

  • Is there a mandatory quarantine for tourists?
  • Do they require testing before arrival or upon arrival?
  • How many coronavirus cases do they have?
  • How is the local medical system?

An important step to safe travel is to check-in with the airline and hotel before departure.

Call us crazy, but this may be the cleanest airplanes and hotels have EVER been…but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Before booking a flight or hotel, make sure to confirm their cancellation and cleaning policies before booking. Be prepared to be asked a few questions yourself as many hotels are still only open for essential workers, and if they are open to tourists, they may want to inquire where you are traveling from for the safety of their employees.

Additionally, while many airlines are avoiding booking the middle seat, it’s not guaranteed.  Make sure to check the seating map before departure to ensure social distancing can be maintained. If a seating map is not readily available, then take the time to call to inquire.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Travel prepared to make sure yourself and others are safe.

Part of the fun of traveling is spending time with others and learning about different cultures and perspectives. It can still happen, but please be smart about it by following the CDC guidelines which include but are not limited to wearing a mask, limiting contact with others, and maintaining 6 feet of social distance.

It’s more important than ever to travel prepared for every aspect of your trip to remain safe…you can never have too many essentials on a trip, right? Make sure to carry hand sanitizer at all times, and don’t be afraid to look like a germaphobe! Also, gone are the days where you would get a dirty look for wiping down your airplane seat. It's essential to wipe down your seat and high touch areas to ensure you are traveling safely! 

We've created a gift set specifically to help jet setters be prepared and travel safely for their trips this year. If you are looking to upgrade your travel essentials or want to make sure someone has everything they need to stay safe traveling, check out our "Departure Ready" travel kit.

Have you considered any of the tips above for a trip this year? 

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