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The Quick Guide to a Safe Travel Vacation in 2021

Do you have your dreams set on taking atravel vacation in 2021? We feel you! Fortunately, there’s good reason to believe that travel will be in the cards again sometime this year. But, until we’re totally clear of this pandemic it’s still important to stay as safe and vigilant as possible during your trip.

Below, we’re sharing some of our best travel tips and advice to help make your 2021 vacation plan come true, with easy, preventative measures that you can take to protect yourself and others while still having a fabulous time away.

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How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Safety has always been a top consideration when you’re traveling, but now it’s as much about health and sanitization as it is about avoiding sketchy situations and being conscious of your whereabouts.

The good news is that the things you’ll want to do to safely travel in 2021 are pretty much just the same things that you do to stay safe when you go to the grocery store or pharmacy. These include things like:

  • Wearing a protective mask– Bring a couple along, and make sure they’re comfortable and breathable since you’ll be wearing them a lot.
  • Practicing social distancing– We know that planes aren’t exactly roomy, but remain vigilant about your personal space and ensure you’re keeping your distance from those outside of your travel group. To help keep your distance in the TSA line, you can hold your luggage behind you to prevent someone from getting a little too close for comfort. 
  • Sanitizing your hands– Keep your hand sanitizer right at the front of your bag so that it’s always accessible, and use it frequently to combat any exposure to germs.

These vacation safety tips may seem obvious, but it’s always a good idea to have a reminder about the best practice tips you’ll need to follow for your health.

General Vacation Travel Safety Tips

There are still lots of ways to plan and enjoy a much-needed break, even in these unprecedented times. Aside from following the health tips above, keep these general rules in mind as you plan your vacation and work out the details.

  • Do your research When it comes towhere to travel in 2021, not all locations are considered equal in terms of viability and safety. Do as much research as you can into what’s expected of you and what you can expect when you get there to decide if a location is a good fit.
  • Be aware of COVID-19 restrictions at your destinations– Will you need to provide proof of a vaccine? Will you be required to quarantine upon arrival? Questions like these should be answered before you go so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises later on.
  • Have a backup plan– Pandemic or no pandemic, you should always have a travel backup plan. In 2021, that might mean purchasing trip insurance or booking refundable tickets and hotels just in case you need to make some last-minute changes.
We’re all figuring out this new normal together. And while a lot may seem different, some things never change—including the need to pack the right travel necessities. For that, we’ve got you covered. TABI Jet Sets is a leader in travel kits, and we’re on a mission to create quality kits for every occasion and need. Check out our travel kit collections and stock up on (or gift!) essentials for a perfect vacay.

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