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Ideas for Bachelorette Party Gifts

You’re planning a bachelorette and have been scrolling through Pinterest for months gathering inspiration. Finally, you’ve settled on a destination bachelorette, all the flights are books, and the itinerary is set. You’ve moved on to finding ideas for bachelorette party gifts, but you know from experience that most of the ones out there look cute but, in reality, are cheap and ultimately aren’t that appreciated.

Determined to find a unique bachelorette gift that hasn’t been done before and isn’t cheesy, you’ve stumbled upon this blog! We’re here to make it easy for you to get inspired with ideas for bachelorette party gifts. Whether you are packing all of the bachelorette party guest gifts in your luggage or shipping them to a hotel, we guarantee that everything is TSA approved and luggage friendly to make it to the party. Oh, and also to make it back home in everyone’s luggage instead of being left behind, never to be used again.

The Girls Trip Kit is our upscale version of a bachelorette party survival kit to keep the party going! The LAPCSOs peal face mask is the perfect quick fix to keep skin glowing after a flight, while the poppy & pout lip balm will always come in handy! The Good Patch Rescue patches and the Cure hydration mix are the perfect remedies to replenish much-needed nutrients and essentials from a few too many if you know what we mean. Lastly, we all know that a great smelling moisturizing hand sanitizer is the ultimate essential for any event nowadays.

Looking for something a little more personal? No worries, we have a wide variety of products from fellow small businesses that you and all the girls will love and actually use. If you check out our “Build-A-Set” section, you can custom curate a bachelorette gift box or bachelorette gift bag to fit any destination or bachelorette theme. Plus, you can make each gift unique to the bachelorette attendees and include personalized messages that we’ll handwrite for you.

To make it super easy for you to create a custom bachelorette gift, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Usefulness –what are items everyone is likely to use during the bachelorette party and afterward? The best kind of gift is one that is useful and totally comes in handy.
  2. Color Scheme & Theme – Is there a theme to the bachelorette, such as a beach theme? It’s always a great idea to keep the colors of the items inside the gift similar to have a presentation that is sure to impress
  3. Celebratory – it is a bachelorette party, after all. What are items that will keep the celebrations going and the excitement high?

We promise everything will make it through TSA, and we have a feeling your travel bachelorette gifts are sure to impress the entire crew! Shop our perfectly curated gifts or build your own bachelorette gift filled with essentials to bring the party to life! 


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