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Creative Gift Ideas for Frequent Flyers

Creative Gift Ideas for Frequent Flyers

We’re on a mission to make it easier to find the best gift ideas for frequent flyers

Anyone who travels often knows how uncomfortable the experience can be. Cramped airlines, stiff chairs, long security lines and the constant pressure of making your flight on time can generate tons of unnecessary stress during your trip. Sound familiar?  

If you’ve gone through these traveling pain points, you’ll need something to help you relax. Having a set of core essentials that are ready to grab and go is key to having a more comfortable and elevated travel experience.

Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite travel products that make for the perfect gift for someone going on vacation or their next business trip.

What Makes the Perfect Gifts for People Who Travel?

Whether you’re a frequent traveler yourself or not, you likely have some idea of what makes a product great (or not so great) when it comes to hitting the friendly skies.

Picking out the right gift comes down to a few core factors. It should be:

  • Both unique and useful
  • Easy to pack—and better yet, carry-on and TSA-friendly
  • Meaningful to the person receiving it
  • Helpful to the travel experience

Frequent travelers often aren’t looking for items with single-use capabilities. Instead, the perfect gifts are ones that can be used time and time again, and that are easy to pack for last-minute travels, long trips, and a wide variety of destinations.

Gift Ideas For Frequent Flyers

Our Best Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Now let’s get to the good stuff: the gifts themselves. Essential and straightforward products can really go a long way for jet setters who are constantly on the go, but it’s not always so easy to figure out what those products are.

That’s where we come in. As regular travelers ourselves, here are five of the travel gifts we love to get and love to give—and that we’re quite confident your giftee would love as well.

  1. A travel tote: Reusable totes are just as important to have on hand when you’re traveling as they are when you’re going to the grocery store or pharmacy at home. For shopping trips and easy storage on the go, we love the ChicoBag Vita Polyester Shoulder Tote, a 19” x 13” reusable travel tote with a 40-pound carrying capacity that can replace 1,560 (!) single-use bags.
  2. A portable humidifier: We don’t go anywhere without the Hey Dewy Portable Humidifier, a compact product that can combat even the driest of hotel rooms for continuous and much-needed hydration for skin.
  3. A portable water purifier: Ensure that the frequent flyer in your life always has access to clean and drinkable water, regardless of the tap it’s coming from. The GOpure Portable Water Purifier is proven to remove E.coli and other dangerous bacteria from water, and easily fits into any drinking container.
  4. Travel earplugs: Is there anything worse than struggling to get some shut eye when you’re traveling? We’re huge fans of Matador Travel Earplugs, which come with a silicone case to ensure they don’t get lost in a carry on. Screaming kids, noisy hotel guests, and all-night traffic are simply no match.
  5. Crease release spray: It might not be a glamorous product on its own, but we don’t know where we’d be without The Laundress Crease Release, a travel size spray that quickly removes wrinkles from clothing and fabric. It’s a must for anyone who travels for business—or anyone who just doesn’t want to worry about post-luggage wrinkles. (So, all of us.)

Looking for even more great frequent traveler gift ideas? You know we’ve got your back. TABI Jet Sets is a proud leader in luxury travel kits, with hand-curated sets for every travel occasion and need. Check out our travel kit collection and take all of the guesswork out of giving a gift that checks off all of the right boxes, or build your own  custom gift that includes any of the items above, complete with a pretty bow and a handwritten message just from you.

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