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Client Gifting for Travel Agents

Well, it’s 2020, and the majority of passports might be collecting dust and begging to get some stamps. However, that doesn’t mean your clients aren’t traveling, dreaming of their next trips, or in serious need to have a vacation to look forward to. The silver lining to come out of 2020, is that people and businesses have learned that working remotely from any location is possible as long as there is a strong wi-fi connection.

What does this mean for travel agents?

Now is the time, more than ever, to focus on client relationships. Those that want to travel right now are most likely still adjusting to working remotely, and they NEED your time and services to plan the perfect getaway.

Additionally, many businesses are switching to permanent work-from-home models, which will allow more flexibility than ever when it comes to travel. Oh, and let’s not forget, everyone will want to travel when it’s entirely safe again, and you will want them to think about you and your services.

Client Gifting to Build Relationships

Client gifting is the perfect way to do that and is always a hot topic among travel professionals. It’s the ideal way for you as a travel agent to win the hearts of your clients and build that personal relationship. Customers may forget the typical discount, but a thoughtful and useful gift can make the lasting impression that keeps your clients returning (hello profitability and client referrals)!

When is the right time to give a client a gift?

Wouldn’t you love to get a gift at any time? Of course, but you are a travel agent, so you know that timing is everything. Speaking of time, we know yours is precious, so here is a quick list of when it can be appropriate to gift your clients:

  • Pre-Departure Gifts
  • Gifts While Traveling
  • Post Travel Gifts
  • Referral Gifts
  • Special Occasions, such as your client’s Anniversary!
  • Holidays

 What makes a great gift from a travel agent?

Okay, this is where we come in! Tabi Jet Sets is all about creating the gifting experience that your clients will love and remember you for. Here are some tips for travel agents to consider when choosing client gifts:

  • Keep it travel-related
    • You’re in the business of travel, and they love to travel, keep the gift specific to what can enhance their travel.
  • Make it last and useful
    • Something that people will use more than once will have a better value and more opportunities for your clients to think of you over and over again.
  • Personal
    • Handwritten personalized notes are the way to go. Think of your customer and how to build that relationship with your gift message.
  • Impactful
    • The gift should be an experience just as much as the travel experience you planned for them. Skip sending items from Amazon (support small businesses 😉); It should look like a gift and have a luxurious appeal.

Additionally, it’s good practice to never send anything that can be seen as negative. The items may seem like great ideas, but unless you know your client very well, the gift you thought was amazing might not turn out to be, such as when they do not drink alcohol or have food allergies.

Need help with your client gifting?

We’re here to help you! We take the time to ensure every item in our gift sets, “Jet Sets”, are high- quality items that can be used several times to enhance travel experiences. From the luxurious gift packaging to the thoughtful items and the handwritten personal message, your gift will be one that stands out.

We’re here to make your client gifting an effortless experience for you that will keep the compliments rolling in for your outstanding services. You’re there for them, we’re here for you!

Are you considering making changes to your client gifting?

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