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The 10 Best Gifts For a Traveler

Looking for the best gifts for a traveler? It doesn’t have to be hard, and we’re here to help with what makes the best gift for someone who likes to travel. No matter what your budget is or what type of traveler they are, we have all kinds of gift ideas for travel.

The best part is that this isn’t a gift guide where you get directed to multiple other websites. Everything that you in our list of the best gifts for a traveler is available right here in our shop! Everything comes with a handwritten message for you to make it super personal, and you can curate a custom kit or gift box effortlessly!

The Best Gifts for a Traveler

When giving a gift to a traveler, there are so many important factors to think about. Travelers want to be prepared for any vacation so that they don’t waste time shopping for things they forgot to pack. Still, at the same time, they typically don’t want anything to take up too much space so that they can travel light and not worry about overweight luggage. No worries here, everything we recommend in our list has been thoroughly tested by our travel experts for quality to ensure they last, usefulness, size, and weight. Oh, and of course, everything is TSA-compliant; a travel gift can only be great if it can actually make it through TSA to be used on the trip, right?  

Let’s get to it; check out our awesome list of gifts for a traveler below:

  1. Portable Water Purifier

It conveniently fits in most water bottles and glasses to have clean filter water from any tap, anywhere! It’s made from all-natural materials and comes in a glass container for an eco-friendly gift that purifies up to 264 gallons of water (that’s the equivalent to 2,000 single-use plastic bottles).

  1. Reusable Bottle

It may sound weird for us to say this this is the best water bottle ever, but it is. It will last for many trips or even for use at home since it’s made from an unbreakable material (BPA-Free Tritan), is leakproof even without an O-Ring (those things can get gross and are super hard to clean)), dishwasher safe, and best of all, it has flat sides so that it won’t roll away if dropped during take-off or landing!

  1. Travel Humidifier

Traveling can be tough on your skin with dehydrating flights and stuffy hotel rooms. This travel humidifier is the solution! It’s compact, lightweight, and has an optional night light if the traveler in your life doesn’t want to bump around a dark hotel room.

  1. Clothing Wrinkle Remover Spray

Have you ever noticed that no matter how you pack your clothes, they always end up a wrinkled mess in the luggage? This gift is an easy solution to that problem and avoids calling the hotel for a semi-functioning iron. All these need to do is spray it on clothes to quickly remove wrinkles while leaving a just-washed clean scent to any clothing!

  1. Sleep Aid for Travel

Even the most frequent travelers can struggle to get a good night's rest! With red-eye flights, hotel rooms, and time differences, it can be difficult. Give them the gift of great sleep with these all-natural melatonin patches. They are great for travel because they take up virtually no room in luggage, no need to have water to take a pill, and they can be simply removed from your skin once done to avoid any lingering drowsiness that can happen with orally taken melatonin.

  1. Screen Wipes

Technology has become part of our daily lives that sometimes we forget how often we are touching screens and the germs involved with that. Even more so, when traveling, think of all of the screens someone can encounter from checking in a flight or train to tv or our phones hitting surfaces. These wipes are super cute and help to keep screens clean and germs at bay!

  1. Earplugs for Flying

Earplugs are something that always comes in handy! This gift will end up being a savior for the traveler in our life when they are looking for some peace and quiet. These earplugs were specifically designed for travel and come with convenient keychain cases that can be clipped to bags to locate them when in need easily!

  1. Hydrating Face Mist

This all-natural mist is perfect for him or her and those with the most sensitive of skin. A few spritzes instantly revitalize skin to reveal hydrated skin. We love to use it after taking a nap on the plane for a quick pick me up, first thing in the morning as a toner or during a hot day in the sun.

  1. TSA Approved Hand Sanitizer

TSA recently changed its rules to allow up to 12 ounces per passenger of hand sanitizer in a carry-on. It is nice not to think of the 3.4-ounce rule when it comes to a sanitizer, but it can get very bulky in carry-on luggage. This compact hand sanitizer mist is the perfect gift for a traveler to stay sanitized while on the go because it lasts for up to 5,000 spritzes which is a lot more uses than a typical gel-based sanitizer.

  1. Travel Toiletry Bottles

Having your favorite products on hand can make all the difference for a traveler to feel more at home. These leakproof squeezable bottles are 2.2 ounces for them to have enough to last for many uses and to make it through TSA! This is a gift that they’ll use repeatedly and be happy to have on hand to make packing easier for the next trip.

We hope you loved our suggestions for the best gifts for a traveler! We’re avid travelers ourselves and definitely experts when it comes to what makes a great gift for a traveler. We’re here to help make gifting a traveler easy, and we hope you check out these and many other available travel gift options in our shop!

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