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What makes the best gift for a traveler?

What makes the best gift for a traveler?

Real talk, it can be notoriously hard to find the best gift for a traveler. They always seem to be on the go, whether it be for business or leisure. I bet you’ve spent countless hours googling what the best gift for a traveler is only to be left with a bunch of Amazon links or outdated blog posts that leave you discouraged with no idea of a gift to give still.  Yes, we are in the business of selling travel gifts, and it’d be great if this inspired you to purchase what we think are the best gifts ever for travelers, but that’s not what this post is for. It’s to help you with genuine ideas of what can turn your gift for the traveler in your life from okay to great.  It’s to genuinely guide you on things to think about when you are trying to find the best gift for the traveler in your life.

Think about solutions…

But first, to think about solutions, you have to think about what can go wrong when you travel. We hope if you have had bad travel experiences, they were minor, and you are laughing about them now so that this won’t bring up bad memories. Is it that you were on a long haul flight and couldn’t fall asleep because of a screaming baby or jet lag issues? Did you struggle in the airplane bathroom to get the water to run to actually wash your hands? Did your hotel have an iron that just spits out gross water on your clothes, or worst yet, didn’t even have an iron? Did you struggle smacking the mini body wash bottle to finally get a little bit out, only for it to fall straight to the shower floor? We could go on and on, but I hope those questions got your creative juices flowing to think of some solutions to those problems. The best gift for a traveler is one that will make their travel easy, stress-free, and uncomplicated. It doesn’t always have to be the newest tech gadget or break the budget with noise-canceling headphones. In reality, if your gift ends up being super useful and comes to the rescue for any of these travel mishaps, they’ll be thanking you over and over for your thoughtful gift.

Think about the size of the items

If you want to give the best gift for a traveler, it’s so important that you think about the size of the items. Yes, some travelers only bring a carry-on bag and make due, and others roll up to the airport with 5 bags. In either scenario, space can be limited in luggage, and you wouldn’t want your gift to be left at home because of it being too big for them to fit into any of their bags. It’s always a good idea to buy something that is luggage and TSA-friendly, meaning items that are compact or less than 3.4 ounces for any liquid or beauty product.

Think about what type of traveler they are

Thinking about what type of upcoming trip they might have or how they typically travel will really help you to narrow down what is the best gift for the traveler in your life. If they are an economy frequent flyer, they might want some in-flight goodies to keep them comfortable on the go. If they love to frequent the beach, give them items so that they can hit the sun and sand right off the flight without having to check in the room or stop at a CVS for sunscreen. If they tend to stay at budget hotels, think of things that could make it feel like more of an upgraded hotel or if they are a luxury traveler items that may make them feel more at home.

Ultimately the best gift for a traveler will be useful and upgrade a travel experience.

What gift will you give to the traveler in your life?

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