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4 Things to Bring on a Long Flight

Figuring out the right things to bring on a long flight can make all of the difference when it comes to comfort, convenience, and relaxation.

The journey there and back can be as important as the destination itself. And love it or hate it, a long flight is usually the thing standing in the way of you and that amazing adventure. To help you make the most of it, we’ve compiled a quick list of our favorite items for surviving long flights—plus some need-to-know tips on the best way to sleep on a plane

Here’s what you should know.

Snooze Fest Travel Sleep Sets

Our Top Long Flight and Red Eye Essentials

While having plenty of yummy snacks and refreshing water on hand is always a plus for long flights, there are a few other essentials that you should also have that will help you enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Here are some of our must-haves:


Sleep eye mask and pillowcase

Why you need it: Because the person next to you won’t keep their window shut & on-board pillow options usually are not the cleanest.

Top choice:
 The Ettitude Bamboo Sleep Kit—it includes an eye mask, lavender eye pillow, and an 100% organic bamboo pillowcase (psst…it’s naturally anti-bacterial) to make sure you get some much-needed rest.



Why you need it: Because they’re potentially the only thing standing in between you and some peace and quiet.

Top choice: Matador Travel Earplugs, complete with silicone carrying case so that you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in your bag.

3. Melatonin patches 

Why you need it: Because sometimes counting sheep just doesn’t cut it. 

Top choice: The Good Patch—melatonin patches take up virtually no room in your bag & you have all the control to avoid feeling groggy. Simply take it off when you're done snoozing!

What to Take to Sleep on a Plane

There are few things more important than getting a good rest. And, the best sleep experience on a plane usually starts with knowing what to bring along with you.

While lots of long flight travelers rely on sleeping pills to make the trek, we’ve found that there are much more natural ways to get the rest that you need to be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you arrive at your final stop (or at least alittle less jet lagged).

Some tips for making it happen:

  • Avoid caffeine immediately before boarding and on the flight itself, at least until you’ve had a long nap
  • Pick a seat that’s conducive to catching some rest, such as a seat with added leg room or a window seat that will give you somewhere to rest your head
  • Try to avoid being too close to the bathroom where people line up, or too close to the galley where attendants will be busy and possibly making noise
  • Use a natural sleep aid such as melatonin, which should help ease you into sleep without completely knocking you out
  • Wear comfortable clothes—you don’t necessarily have to be in your pajamas, but being comfy and warm is very important (we once saw a passenger board with a robe, and honestly it’s a genius replacement for a blanket since it will stay wrapped around you and not fall down constantly)

Over time, you’ll be able to figure out what works for you—and what doesn’t. Every flyer is different, but by determining your own best practices you’ll be able to guarantee you catch enough zzz’s during your flight.

As for stocking up on the right essentials, at  TABI Jet Sets we’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality travel kits for every occasion and need. Shop our  Snooze Fest Travel Sleep Sets or build a custom set from scratch that contains everything you or a friend will need to get some rest in the air, and for an upgraded travel experience once you hit the ground again too.  

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