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Letter Patch Bags

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A medium-sized nylon travel bag to hold everything for the next adventure! The bag is 9"x 2" x 5" (LxDxW) with gold hardware. Customize it with up to four white and gold letter patches that will be SEWN ON (won't peel off)!

Select Letters

Please select which letters you would like sewn on the bags, each letter is approximately 2.5". In the next step, you will be able to list in what order you would like the letters. **Please note that orders will be cancelled if letters are not added/paid for appropriately, thank you for understanding.**

Letter Order & Gift Message

Please let us know in what order you would like the letters sewn on to the bag. If you would like a handwritten gift message included, please leave your message here!

Add Travel Goodies

Add some travel essentials to include with the bag. It's not a necessity to add anything but we have a feeling it'll make it extra special.

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