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Create a Custom Gift Box

Looking to create a custom gift box or travel amenity kit? Welcome to your go-to destination for personalized travel sets that are anything but basic. Easily create a customized travel kit for yourself, or design a personalized gift box for the jet setter in your life to obsess over.

All you need to do is, select a gift box, choose any three to five useful travel items, and write a message for that extra personal touch.

That's seriously it; in three simple steps, you can create personalized travel gifts for any occasion or any vacation! We'll handwrite your message, tie a nice bow, and handle all the post office ish. If you need some inspiration before getting started, make sure to check out our ready-to-ship collection to see what our travel pros have put together.


We know it's tempting to choose them all, but gift presentation is everything, right? Our standard gift box size is 10 x 8 x 4 inches. Therefore, please include a minimum of 3 items and a maximum of 5 items. Also, bigger isn't always better, especially when we want everything to fit in the gift box and look just right. Please limit the larger items marked with an asterisks (*) to a maximum of 2 per gift set.


We know your gift is looking great at this point. What will really bring it to the next level, though, is a thoughtful message from you! Type your message below, and we'll use our best handwriting to include it in our travel-inspired "Bon Voyage" card. 

We are building your box.

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